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Moving Forward into True Happiness

A lot of times when things in our lives seem to be going wrong, we get scared and fear the coming changes. It’s very similar to what I was saying in my post, “Losing the Fear” when I said that we are scared of the unknown.

After my first week of the new semester, I’ve meet new friends, lost old ones, and I’ve come to a situation where I have to choose between staying with a love interest that doesn’t make me fully happy or moving on in hopes of finding better relationship with someone else.

For awhile, I was too scared to move forward because I was worried about not finding someone else; that I wouldn’t find a girl that was as good looking, or as smart or fun to be around as she was. But after thinking long and hard I realized that we ALL deserve to be happy, not just satisfied and comfortable.

Taking the leap of faith into uncertainty is never an easy thing to do. I guarantee that half the people reading this are in a similar situation to me.

Stop drowning yourself in worry and fear. Swim for your life and you’ll start to live a truly honest life. Things tend to work out the way they’re meant to. Trust in the Universe and everything will work out for the best and long as you keep fighting the good fight.




2 comments on “Moving Forward into True Happiness

  1. Rachel
    October 5, 2012

    Where have you been Jack? Are you not writing anymore?

    • thehonestlifeblog
      October 23, 2012

      It’s nice to hear that I’ve been miss : ) I’m sorry it’s been awhile. I’m been extremely busy with school and work the past couple of months. I really want to get back into writing more in the future. I’m still working out how I’ll be able to do it, but please keep checking the blog out, sharing it with your friends, and keep an eye out for a new post soon!


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