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Death Is Coming! Stop Running.

I’ve had my dog Samantha for 14 years now. Since she was 11 she’s had non-cancerous tumors sprout on her head and her stomach. Since then she’s progressively gotten worse, and worse. Now at the age of 14, she’s almost completely deaf, becoming senile, and losing the ability to walk without assistance.

I’m no stranger to death. At the age of eleven I lost the three remaining grandparents I had in a 13 month period. While that was extremely tough, I was too young to really understand what was truly happening around me. I didn’t really comprehend the fact that I had just lost every connection I had to the “old ways” (so to speak) of my family. It’s only now, many years later, that the idea of death has started to scare me.

I came to the conclusion the other day that Sammy is coming to her last days. She’s been sick for 3 years, she’s clearly in pain, and when I come home to visit, she can barely recognize me anymore. At first I was absolutely destroyed. I grew up with her. She was there my entire life protecting me when I needed her, and now she’s slowly but surely leaving me. But after awhile, I realized that if dying will end her pain and suffering, then maybe it’s a good thing.

Death is a natural part of life, and nothing we do or say will ever change that. My therapist told me that when his father died, it was the roughest time of his life. But in his faith there is a tradition when it comes to losing a loved one: you accept the fact that they’re gone, you mourn and cry and grieve for their loss, and then you move on.

When I say move on, I don’t mean to say that you need to forget they ever existed. I’m saying that you need to move on from the grief and the sorrow and remember the beautiful times that you shared with them; whether it’s your father, your dog, a best friend, or your grandmother.

Death is a horribly beautiful thing. But we should never forget the ones that we’ve lost. I’ll never forget Sammy. She was my family and I loved her more than anything. And when her time comes, I will cry, I will mourn, and then I will move on and remember the memories that we had together.

Love the people in your life to the fullest and make sure to tell them you love them as often as possible because you never know when you won’t get the chance again.


With ALL of MY love,

Jack Harrison


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