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Words Can Cut Like Knives, But They Don’t Have To

I’m sure we’ve all been called names in our lives. Fat, skinny, ugly, ass hole; no matter what was said, they all hurt just the same. Being called out on your insecurities is never fun and it can make us feel as vulnerable as ever! But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

My mother always told me to “ignore” when kids said mean things to me. I always thought that she meant to just pretend like you never heard what they said and go about your business as usual (which I was incapable of doing). But once again, my mother proved to be right.

When she said to ignore, she wasn’t talking about just turning a blind ear to the hurtful words! She meant to be strong enough to believe that what they were saying wasn’t true, and to pay no attention to them.

I’m 6′ tall and I weigh 185lbs. By no means am I skinny. But I’m also no where near fat. I get called fat, chunky, and a dozen other names at least once a day, and I’ve been hearing that crap for years! But I know that no matter what these other people say, I LOVE the way that I look and nothing that they say will ever change that.

Be strong enough, and confident enough in yourself to not pay attention to the negative things people say to you. Hurtful words only hurt if you allow them to.

If there’s something that you are self-concious about, CHANGE IT! If you think that you’re a little overweight and you don’t like the way that your body looks: take the proper steps to living a healthier lifestyle by looking into a fitness program!

Love yourself and you will live a truly, honest life.


With All My Love,



4 comments on “Words Can Cut Like Knives, But They Don’t Have To

  1. hungryandfit
    August 29, 2012


  2. sharonbartlett1962
    August 29, 2012

    Loving yourself is the biggest compliment, but also can be the biggest challenge!

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