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Judgement – Supressing Love Since…forever

I met a girl today (which is why I haven’t posted this yes) at my local coffee shop. At first glance she was a tall, hipster looking girl with a face that didn’t look too kind. Some would call it a “natural bitch face.” She looked rough, cruel, and I had no intention of saying hello to her.

About half way through my second cup of coffee, I heard a smooth voice say “Hi, I’m Rachel” come from behind. To my amazement, it was the girl that I’d saw earlier. She asked if she could sit down and we talked for the better part of three hours.

I learned more about her life than I know about most of my friends. And the craziest part was that she was the nicest, most genuine human being I’ve ever met.

A lot of times in todays society, we take outward appearance as a clear indicator of inner beauty. And that is 100%, without a doubt, COMPLETELY wrong.

Smile at everyone you see. Get to know people if they take an interest in you. Love with a full heart. And don’t think that because someone dresses a certain way, or looks different that they’re any less capable of love and affection.




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