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Want Inspiration? Become it.

In our lives we look to other people on a daily basis for inspiration. We think that in order to be inspired to do something amazing, we need to first see it at a higher level. I know that as a business student, I am constantly looking to successful business men to TEACH me, and SHOW me how they accomplished what they accomplished. I’m itching to get that spark of inspiration; the “this is what I want for my life” AH-HA moment.

Why do we allow ourselves to only be inspired by others? Now, don’t get me wrong. Finding inspiration in other peoples works and beliefs is a great tool to further your inner happiness (that’s the entire reason I created this blog) but why can’t we also inspire ourselves?

Look deep inside yourself and figure out what you want in life. You might not know that you want to be an investment banker, working for Wells Fargo, and living in Ontario, Canada by the age of 25, but you certainly know what makes you happy in life. Whether that’s golfing, making music, money, or video games, take that passion and that love and INSPIRE yourself. Find the inspiration within and run with it! Because the most powerful inspiration you can procure is created by YOUR heart and YOUR mind.

Live for yourself and you will truly be ALIVE.


All of My Love and Affection,



2 comments on “Want Inspiration? Become it.

  1. Kairi
    August 21, 2012

  2. jammiekern
    August 23, 2012

    I volunteer with teens and realized a couple years ago that if I wanted great things for them I needed to set the example and become great myself. I love this post–so many people wanting from other people, when it really takes some soul searching to find happiness with who we are meant to be. Thank you!

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