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Patience – The Binding of Relationships

More than not nowadays, I find myself being extremely impatient with the people that I love the most. I don’t do this out of spite or anger, I just have so much on my plate currently that my patience is run dry by the time I should be giving them some of it. It’s difficult for me because I strive to be a calm, cool, and collected person at all times. Sometimes when life shoves a lot on your plate, you start to slip up more than usual.

Today (8/17/12 – after 2-3 hours of sleep) I’ll be moving into my new townhouse! So the last couple of days I’ve been extremely busy packing and preparing for that. Mix that with trying to say my last goodbyes to all of my friends back home and getting this blog up and running (which at this point feels like a full time job) and I’m just about worn out by noon. Out of the MANY mottos that I live by, one of my favorites is:

“No matter what, NEVER lose your cool” – Wiz Khalifa

I’m not perfect; to be completely honest I’m no where near perfect. I mess up, I make mistakes, I take my anger out on the ones that I love the most. But guess what? WE ALL DO! Sometimes (I know I have to, at least) we just need to separate ourselves from what’s stressing us out so much, step back, take a couple of deep breaths, and dive right back into the real world. Patience is a virtue (so I’ve been told), so why don’t we stop stressing ourselves out, stop losing our cool, and just learn to live with patience in mind?

Was there an instance recently where you found yourself being impatient with a friend or loved one? How did you handle it? Did you flip out and then apologize afterwards, or did you recognize it before it got to that point? I’d love to hear some of your stories! Comment in the pages below or send me an e-mail with your story and I’ll repost it (anonymously of course).





3 comments on “Patience – The Binding of Relationships

  1. kakashi0402
    August 20, 2012

    Indeed, patience is a virtue. 🙂

  2. darlinikki2
    August 28, 2012

    I tend to lose patience when I have a lot on my plate. When I feel overwhelmed I take my frustrations out on those who are close to me. I think I was never taught how to be patient either… my parents are really high strung, always on the go busy busy busy. I need to find ways to be more patient. Any tips?

    • thehonestlifeblog
      August 29, 2012

      Being busy is a HUGE part of today’s society, sadly. A lot of things that I do when I feel overwhelmed and stressed is to stop for just 5-10 minutes (usually every couple hours) and just sit in the quite to myself. If I’m in my room I’ll lay down on my carpet, or if I’m at the University I’ll just sit on toilet, and I’ll just sit.

      My therapist told me an old Buddhist saying that goes something like, “When you eat, eat. When you sleep, sleep.” Basically this is saying that you need to stop trying to do so much stuff at once and just enjoy doing what you’re doing. Enjoy that early cup of coffee in the morning. Enjoy the 5 minutes of silence when you can. Don’t think. Just enjoy the peace and tranquility.

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