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Swim For Your Life!

Yesterday I decided to hang out at my local bookstore to see if I could find any inspirational books that would catch my interest; I stumbled upon Paul Coelho’s “Warrior of the Light” and decided to give it a try. Two hours later, I’d read one of the most beautiful works of art I’d ever laid my eyes on. I’d only read one of Coelho’s books prior to “Warrior” (“The Alchemist “- Great read! Check it out), as I struggle to find time for literature most days. Both “The Alchemist” and “Warrior of the Light” took my perspective on life and completely turned it on it’s head. While there were countless life lessons and inspirational messages in it’s pages, there was one that stuck with me the entire day:

“You do not drown simply by plunging into the water, you only drown if you stay beneath the surface” – Paul Coelho

I reread that sentence at least five times before moving onto the next page. I’ve messed up a lot in my life. I’ve made horrible mistakes, taken extreme risks, and put myself in situations that I should not have returned from. But all of this molded me into the man I am today. And this quote (for me at least) symbolizes my exact belief about life: You’re going to mess up. You’re going to fail. You’re going to make mistakes. But what separates those who will succeed from those who will fail is how you deal with the situation that you’ve found (or put) yourself in.

Whether you’re failing a class for the first time, or recovering from a recent breakup that left your crippled, stop allowing yourself to drown. Swim with every last stoke your muscles will allow and I promise you that you will find yourself breaching the surface with more air than your lungs will allow and It will be the most renewing and enlightening experience you could ever ask for.

So take that next step and swim for your life! What are YOU dealing with in YOUR life that makes you feel like you’re drowning? Let’s make this a home for healing.


With All of My Love,



5 comments on “Swim For Your Life!

  1. Stephen
    August 15, 2012

    It’s funny how a simple action can be so powerful. “Get out of the water.” Thanks for the posts. I’m loving it all so far!

    • thehonestlifeblog
      August 15, 2012

      Thanks Stephen! I’m glad to here you’re liking to articles. Stay tuned, I’ve got some great stuff in the works.

  2. darlinikki2
    August 15, 2012

    LOVE THIS!!!!!

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